Greyhound Rescue NorthEast - Adoption Process
Greyhound Rescue NorthEast - ' Where greyhounds come first '
When adopting a dog from Greyhound Rescue Northeast you will be asked to sign an adoption form regarding the dog’s future health and well being.
Please read all the terms and conditions before you sign the contract.
You will be agreeing to the following:
I agree that if I am considered to take a Greyhound from the Greyhound Rescue North East into my home, I will allow Greyhound Rescue to
Obtain all information needed from myself and my veterinary surgeon to ensure that my home and lifestyle are compatible with keeping a Greyhound as a pet. I am over 18 years of age. All donations are non refundable.
  •         I undertake not to part possession of any greyhound provided by Greyhound
              Rescue Northeast.
  •         I will not have the greyhound destroyed except on the advice of a veterinary
              surgeon in order to relieve suffering from any condition which is
              untreatable. However, if the Greyhound is destroyed i will contact Greyhound 
              Rescue Northeast ASAP,
  •         I undertake to keep the greyhound in a happy and healthy condition and
               provide suitable food and shelter.
  •         I will obtain prompt veterinary treatment in case of accident or illness.
  •         I will ensure that the greyhound always wears a collar bearing my name and
              telephone number.
  •         I will exercise the greyhound regularly.
  •         If the greyhound should go missing, I will inform the Police, local dog pound, 
              local rescue centre, microchip office and Greyhound Rescue Northeast
              within 24 hours.
  •         I will not chain or tie up the greyhound and I will not leave the greyhound
              without companionship for long periods.
  •         I will notify Greyhound Rescue North East of any change in my address and
              telephone number.
  •         I will not race the greyhound or allow the greyhound to be raced.
  •         I will not use or let the greyhound be used for hunting or lamping.
  •         I will under no circumstances let the greyhound off  lead for a minimum of 
              3 months.