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Are you interested in greyhounds,  and other breeds of sighthound? 

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Attention - Apologies

If you have sent a message via the contact us page, please either revisit the contact us page and submit all your details again or give us a call on one of the numbers below.

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07716 557876

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Please understand we are a very small team and visits to the kennels are by appointment only - thank you for your understanding

Update on dogs looking for their forever home.

Our kennels are full of lots of amazing dogs who are waiting to become someone's friend for life. To see more of these beautiful faces click here for Dogs to adopt.

Our website has just been updated: -

  • Pandora is now reserved.
  • Jess and Symphony have just gone of to their new homes
  • Brindie is still waiting.
  • We have the pleasure of introducing 3 new dogs ready now for adoption - this is Tommy, Lilly and Krissy.


A little bit about Greyhound Rescue North East and our values

We are a registered charity - number 1131609

Greyhound Rescue North East is a small family run rescue that is based in the north east of England. Our goal is to provide temporary care and shelter for stray, abandoned and relinquished sight-hounds before placing them into forever loving homes. 

We are a UK registered charity - charity number 1131609

We have been re-homing greyhounds, lurchers and the occasional whippet for over 20 years now and have successfully given thousands a a second chance of life.

Our Lifelong commitment to our dogs

We never give up on a dog.

We re-home retired greyhounds, lurchers, whippets and all breeds of sight-hound as pet dogs.

We provide sanctuary for these majestic animals and work to ensure they are ready to start new lives as pets. 

We ensure their nutritional, rehabilitation and medical needs are met.

We are a small team of volunteers, we have no paid staff and everyone in the team is part of the charity because of their passion and commitment to the dogs. 

We know the dogs and take time to ensure the right person is matched with the right dog.

Occasionally, a dog can't be placed in a home. At Greyhound Rescue North East every dog that comes to us is loved, cared for and accommodated for the rest of their lives. They will either stay with us at the kennels, be placed with an experienced foster carer or come home with one of us.

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Greyhounds make amazing pets

Greyhounds are; low maintenance, friendly, loving and affectionate.

Don’t be fooled by those long legs greyhounds don’t need lots of exercise, although they enjoy and appreciate a walk, they are also happy to have regular access to outside space for toileting and two 20-30 minute walks a day.

Despite spending the majority of their earlier life in kennels, greyhounds are clean and easy to house train.