Greyhound Rescue 
North East

Greyhound Rescue Northeast is a small family run UK dog rescue based in the north east of England. Our goal is to provide temporary care and shelter for stray, abandoned and relinquished sight-hounds before placing them into forever loving homes. We have been re-homing greyhounds, lurchers, saluki's, the occasional whippet and every other breed of sighthound you can think of for over 20 years. We have successfully given thousands of dogs a second chance at life.

We are a very small team and the kennels are run by the charity founder. 

Our team is made up entirely of volunteers who work tirelessly to make the charity a success.

We became a registered charity in 2009 and we are currently governed by 3 trustees. At any one time there can be between 20 and 30 dogs with us waiting for homes.

Registered charity number - 1131609

Who looks after the dogs?

Our dogs receive only the best care. As we are a very small animal rescue every member of the team is personally invested in the dogs who come to us and the dogs that are brought to our attention for re-homing.

Our kennel team, work directly with our dogs;

  • Care for the dog in kennels, and exercise them.
  • administer medical treatment
  • rehabilitating dogs to ensure they are ready to go to their new home,
  • assess the compatibility of dogs and potential homes,
  • advise people how to care for their dog(s),
  • support and advise people who are no longer able to care for their sighthound.
  • liaise with the racing industry to offer a positive destination to retired greyhounds
  • Work with other UK dog rescues.

The extended team

The others involved in the charity support with;

  • fundraising,
  • finance management,
  • administration and promotional work.

Thank you

We also have some really special people who foster dogs until their forever person/family comes along.

Of course no charity, Greyhound Rescue North East included, could run and function effectively without the support of the community. Thank you for being part of this.