How to adopt a rescue dog

So you've decided your sofa has room for a long legged friend...

Lets start matching you with your new best friend.

Our team are very experienced and use their extensive knowledge to assess match dogs and owners. We want the homes we place our dogs in to work out for the sake of the dog and the people who adopt them. 

This is a brief outline of our adoption process. It can vary depending on your needs and ours and geographical location.

Don’t be offended or upset if at any stage of the adoption process we advise not to go ahead or to postpone until we have a dog suitable for you. Our priority is to successfully match dogs with owners/families. We want the adoption to be successful for the dog’s sake and yours.

Get in touch - contact us

If you are considering adopting a dog please get in touch for an informal chat, or drop us a message via email or Facebook messenger and we will call you back.

We will have a chat with you over the phone during the call we will help you decide whether or not a new dog will fit in with your lifestyle and family. We will then arrange a time and date for a home check or kennel visit – which ever we think is the most appropriate next step.

Home Check

Before every dog is re-homed, a home check is carried out. Don’t worry; we are not checking that you are up-to-date with your housework, we just want to make sure the dog we match you with fits in with your circumstances. Following on from this, if you haven’t already done so, we will arrange for you to come along and meet the dogs. 

Kennel Visit

You will be given the opportunity to come along to the kennels and meet the dogs. If people already own another a dog they are encouraged to bring them along at this stage, so that we can all see how well they get along. The next stage is to arrange a home check, if it hasn’t already happened.

Adoption Day

After the home check and kennel visit stages are past, a time and date will be arranged for your dog to go home with you. Depending on what works best for you, the dog and the Rescue, we will either bring the dog to you or ask you to come and collect the dog.

We will already have discussed feeding with you and given you the option to purchase a bag of food, the type we have been feeding the dog while he/she has been in our care. This can be collected/delivered with the dog.

All our dogs are sent out fully vaccinated and castrated or spayed. They are also treated for fleas and worms and come with their own collar and lead. In return for the dog we ask for a minimum donation of £150, this is non-refundable and goes a little way to helping with the cost of preparing and keeping a dog for re-homing.

After your dog goes home with you, we can move on to rescuing another dog and your donations ensure we are able to do this.

All dogs are now microchipped - it’s the law. We include the microchip number on the adoption form. The microchip is not registered with anyone. It is your responsibility to update the microchip details with a microchip database.

The Legal bit

When adopting a dog from Greyhound Rescue North East you will be asked to sign an adoption form regarding the dog’s future health and well-being. This is a legally binding contract so please read all the terms and conditions carefully before signing

I agree that if I am considered to take a Greyhound from Greyhound Rescue North East into my home, I will allow Greyhound Rescue North East to obtain all the information needed from myself and my veterinary surgeon to ensure that my home and lifestyle are, compatible with keeping a greyhound as a pet. I am over 18 years of age. All donations are non-refundable.

For the purposes of this form when we refer to “Greyhound” it is applicable to any Sighthound adopted from Greyhound Rescue North East.

  • I undertake not to part possession of any Greyhound provided by Greyhound Rescue North East.
  • I will not have the Greyhound destroyed except on the advice of a veterinary surgeon in order to relieve suffering of any condition that is untreatable. If the Greyhound is destroyed I will contact Greyhound Rescue North East as soon as possible.
  • I undertake to keep the Greyhound in a happy and healthy condition, and provide suitable food and shelter.
  • I will obtain prompt veterinary treatment in case of accident or illness.
  • I will ensure that the Greyhound always wears a collar with my name and telephone number.
  • I will exercise the Greyhound regularly.
  • If the Greyhound should go missing, I will inform the Police, local dog pound, local rescue centres, microchip office and Greyhound Rescue North East within 24 hours.
  • I will not chain or tie up the Greyhound and I will not leave the Greyhound without companionship for long periods.
  • I will notify Greyhound Rescue North East of any changes to my address and telephone number.
  • I will not race the Greyhound or allow the Greyhound to be raced.
  • I will not use or let the Greyhound be used for hunting or lamping.
  • I will under no circumstance let the Greyhound off lead for a minimum of 3 months.

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