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Success Stories

Every dog that comes to us is a success story, we make sure of it.

These are just some of the dogs who have been with us.

If you have adopted a dog from us and would like them to appear on this page please email in photos using the link below. I know some of our dogs go onto have their own social media accounts - please send us the link and we include it next to their photo


Gorgeous Reamer living his best life.

"Our handsome boy Reamer.

Since the year 2009 we have had three wonderful greyhounds from Greyhound Rescue North East. Our first boy was Dreamer and then our beautiful girl Drumena who passed away at the age of 12. And then we recued Reamer. They have all been good natured and loving dogs and have all known love and given us so much in return. Billie Jo and the team at Greythound Rescue North East give us support and advice whenever we need it. They are truly dedicated to rescuing and caring for the dogs."